Pet Sitting Advantages

Pet Sitting Advantages – Reno Pet Sitter

Advantages For Your Pet

Less Stress.  Your pet feels more secure in its own familiar surroundings, instead of being placed in an unfamiliar environment such as a boarding facility or kennel.

Daily Routine:  Your pet’s feeding and exercise schedule stays consistent with its normal routine when using a pet sitter.

Health Concerns:  Your pet will not be exposed to illnesses of other animals when using a pet sitter.  You can feel confident that your pet will be healthy upon your return.

Care:  Your pet receives one-on-one attention and affection while you are away and will be pampered by a caring professional pet sitter

Advantages For The Pet Owner

You are Hiring a Professional:  A professional pet sitter will have a business license issued by they city they are permitted to conduct business in. They will be insured, and if they are a company that hires employees they should be bonded.

Peace of Mind:  You will feel at ease knowing that your pet is being cared for in the same loving way that you care for it and happy and safe in its own surroundings.

Convenience:  The inconvenience of transporting your pet to a kennel or another location is eliminated, as well as your worries of leaving your pet in a strange environment, thus allowing you to focus more on your busy work schedule or preparing for travel.

No charge In Home Consultation:  In the comforts of your own home, I will meet with you to discuss your pet’s needs, complete the necessary paperwork, and review your home care instructions.

Special Services:  My rates include mail and newspaper pick up, taking out garbage, watering plants, and more.

Home Security and Safety:  I’ll check your home to ensure that it is safe and secure by checking that appliances are off and applying various techniques, such as light and curtain alternations, that give the home a lived in appearance.