Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting Services Reno Pet Sitter


Your Pet Gets

      • Expert care by a trustworthy and dedicated pet sitter.
      • Continuation of your dog training.
      • The no-stress environment they knows best, their own home.
      • Their regular eating and exercising routine.
      • Relief from traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar, loud and scary place that is crowded with other animals.
      • Their regular diet, favorite bed, treats and toys.
      • No exposure to unpredictable dogs, diseases, parasites or illnesses sometimes found in doggy daycares, dog boarding facilities, catteries and kennels
      • A Professional pet sitter that is able to monitor pets behavior and health.


Services For Your Pet May Include

      • Lots of pets + belly rubs
      • Feeding and fresh water
      • Medication – If your pet is on medication this must be discussed¬† before any pet sit.¬† Ruff Ruff Ruff meow is NOT certified or medically trained to administer liquids, injections, inhalers, or subcutaneous fluids, and therefore may refuse service based on pet medicating needs.
      • Pet bowls washed
      • Litter box scooping
      • Yard waste pick up – Yard must be clean of any prior pest waste prior to pet sitting service start date.
      • Tidy up pet area
      • Litter box scooping
      • Pet brushing
      • Brush teeth (dogs)
      • Pet playtime
      • Neighborhood walk
      • Snow or rain wipe down – towel dry fur and wipe paws clean
      • Turn on/off Radio or TV for pet
      • Turn on/off fans for pets comfort
      • Text or email updates

Services For Your Home May Include

      • Collect newspaper, mail and packages
      • Roll out and bring in trash/recycling carts
      • Alternate lights
      • Open & close window coverings
      • Indoor/outdoor potted plant watering
      • Adjust heating and AC, if necessary
      • Refill wild bird feeders
      • Check that all windows are closed and doors are locked
      • Run indoor faucets (winter)
      • Flush toilets (winter)