Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting Services Reno Pet Sitter


Benefits to Your Pet Staying in Their Own Home

          • No exposure to illnesses such as kennel cough, canine flu & parasites. No extra vaccines your pet doesn’t need.
          • Reducing their stress by allowing them to stay on their own schedule,
          • Being cared for by a responsible pet sitter that will treat your pets as if they were their own.
          • Reduces the pet owner’s stress by providing crime deterrence by alternating lights, picking up mail, etc.
          • No hassles of dropping off and picking up your pets during certain hours.


Pet Sitting Services Include

          • L.A.P. Time (Love, affection, playtime)
          • Meals + special diets
          • Cleaning + filling water bowls
          • Approved treats
          • Medication – If your pet is on medication this must be discussed  before any pet sit.  Ruff Ruff Ruff meow is NOT certified or medically trained to administer liquids, injections, inhalers, or subcutaneous fluids, and therefore may refuse service based on pet medicating needs.
          • Scoop cat boxes
          • Yard waste pick up – Yard must be clean of any prior pest waste prior to pet sitting service start date.
          • Tidy up pet area
          • Pet brushing
          • Brush dogs teeth
          • Pet playtime
          • Neighborhood walk
          • Snow or rain wipe down – towel dry fur and wipe paws clean
          • Turn on/off Radio or TV for pet and added home security
          • Turn on/off ceiling fans for pets comfort
          • Text or email updates

House Sitting Services Include

          • Collect newspaper, mail and packages
          • Roll out and bring in trash/recycling carts
          • Alternate lights
          • Open & close window coverings
          • Indoor/outdoor potted plant watering
          • Adjusting heating and AC, if necessary
          • Refill wild bird feeders
          • Check that all windows are closed and doors are locked
          • Simple pond and pool tasks
          • Run indoor faucets (winter)
          • Flush toilets (winter)