Reno Pet Sitter Rates

Pet Sitting Reno

The Service area is limited to 89509 + 89519 

Initial Consultation
Reno Pet Sitter

Pet sitting Reno – Before starting pet sitting services for new clients, I will schedule a consultation meeting with you and your pets in your home. This meeting allows me to become acquainted with you and your pets, learn about any specific needs your pet or home may have, and work with you to set up a customized pet sitting schedule. This visit is required for all new clients and must be scheduled at least 3 days prior to your departure.

Drop-in Pet Sitting

I go to your home to care for your pets. I do not board animals in my home.

Drop-in pet sitting is perfect for the pet that doesn’t need a companion to sleep-over with them. While you are away I’ll visit your pet throughout the day, staying as close to their normal routine as possible.

My pet sitting service allows you to go on vacation, a business trip, or take off for the weekend and know that your furry family member will be well cared for in the comfort and security of their own home. 

I provide a variety of services to best meet the needs of your pet that may include: feeding, pet bowl washing, a walk, playtime, potty breaks, pet accident clean up, litter box scooping, yard waste clean up, administrating medication, and of course lots of love and attention. House sitting services such as; opening and closing window coverings, alternating lights, mail/newspaper retrieval, trash/recycling carts out and back on trash day and minimal plant watering are all included to keep your household running smoothly while you are away.

While you are away I will keep in touch with you via text or email updates to let you know that although your pet misses you, he is happy.

Customize a schedule to fit the needs of your pet.  Includes drive time/round trip mileage within the 89509 / 89519 service area. Rates include care for up to two pets, an additional 15-minute time fee may apply for three or more pets.

  • Up to 20-minutes: $17 per visit. Purr-fect cats, caged pets and a potty break/bedtime visit for dogs.
  • 30-minutes: $19 per visit. The most popular choice for dogs!
  • 3-visits a day package: One morning, one afternoon, and one evening visit: $50

For indoor dogs that have no other means of relieving themselves such as; a dog door, potty pads or an indoor doggie lawn, a minimum of three visits per each full day you are will be required.

Overnight Pet Sitting

At this time, I am not accepting new overnight pet sitting clients. I can provide bedtime visits as well as early morning visits. If you still need an overnight sitter please contact me and I can give you a referral.

Does your pet need extra snuggles while you are away or have they never been alone overnight?  This is a great service if so!  My overnight service includes the evening feeding, a walk, the sleepover, and the following morning feeding and walk.  It does not include midday visits.

  • $75/night
  • Limited availability

Mid-Day Dog Walking/Playtime Visit 

My midday dog walking/playtime visit service is perfect for dogs whose owners need to be away from home for extended hours during the day. Your pooch will be so happy to get outside and stretch his legs, and go on a walk around the neighborhood, or even just engage in some backyard playtime. After we’re done walking or playing I’ll give your dog fresh water and a treat.

All dogs must be leash trained and not pull. Choke collars and retractable leashes will not be used.

Gentle Leader or a no pull harness are recommended. 

If you have two dogs they may need to be walked separately if I determine they can’t be walked together. Additional charges will apply.

  • Up to 30-minutes with a 20-minute walk: $19
  • Limited availability
  • Not available on holidays

Visiting Pets (Pets not belonging to the same owner)

  • $15 per pet/per day
  • Separate pet sitting agreement required


  • Additional $10 per day
  • New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Weekend (Friday thru Monday) July 4th, Labor Day Weekend (Friday thru Monday), Thanksgiving (Wednesday thru Sunday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Add Ons

  • Additional 15-min: $5
  • After hours: $10
  • Litter box scrub, wash and refill: $5 per box
  • Excessive pet mess clean up: $5+
  • Excessive plant or garden watering: $5 per watering

Pet Sitting Hours

Pet sitting hours are from 6 am to 8 pm.  An after-hours fee will apply to visits requested before or after these hours. Weather/road conditions may affect these hours and are subject to change without notice.

Visit Priority

I will do my best to accommodate time requests, please understand some animals have more urgent needs than others. When I schedule my visits, pets needing timely medications and dogs requiring potty breaks are given priority. All other animals will be scheduled to follow. Dogs will be visited a minimum of twice a day per each full day you are away and cats at least once per each full day you are away.


Dogs: Dogs must be up to date on their rabies and parvo vaccines, with the exception of puppies. Puppies that haven’t received all of their puppy vaccines won’t be taken out for walks until they have completed their puppy series which is usually around 16 weeks of age.

Cats: All cats including indoor-only cats, must be up to date on their rabies vaccine.

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