Reno Pet Sitter Rates

Pet Sitting Reno

Service area is limited to 89509 and 89519 

Initial Consultation

Pet sitting Reno – Before starting pet sitting services for new clients, I’ll schedule a consult to meet you and your pets in your home. This meeting allows me to become acquainted with you and your pets, learn about any specific needs your pet or home may have, and work with you to set up a customized pet sitting schedule. This visit is required for all new clients and must be scheduled at least 3 days prior to your departure.

Being away from your pet is hard, whether it’s just for a few hours or several days. But finding reliable, quality care isn’t easy. Daycares and boarding kennels may be stressful and could expose your pet to illness. And relying on friends and family too often can become inconvenient – for them and for you.

With my in-home pet sitting services, you can relax knowing that your dog or cat is being cared for by a professional, dedicated pet sitter in the comfort of your own home. Plus, I’ll make sure your house is safe and secure, too, by giving it that “lived in” look while you’re away.

What Is Included With Pet Sitting?

Visits may include feeding, refreshing pets water bowl at each visit, pet bowl washing, administering medication (oral and topical only), brushing – fur and/or teeth, litter box scooping,  picking up pet waste , digital updates and of course lots and lots of love and attention.

Dogs will get a leashed walk around your neighborhood, yes a walk is included with  pet sitting! Or, if you prefer, I’ll play with them in your backyard (as long as it’s fenced). Dogs must walk well on a 4′ or a 6′ leash and not be overly aggressive. Retractable leashes will not be used. I’m a fan of the  Gentle Leader or any no-pull  harness.

Visits also include basic home-care services like home security checks, bringing in your mail and other packages, rotating lights and blinds, watering indoor plants, and taking your trash bins out for pick-up.

Pet Sitting Rates

Rates effective June 2021 and are subject to change without notice.

  • 15 minutes | $19 (potty break/bedtime visit)
  • 30 minutes | $25
  • 45 minutes| $29
  • 60 minutes | $33


  • A holiday fee of $5 per day will be applied to visits falling on; New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Weekend (Friday thru Monday) July 4th, Labor Day Weekend (Friday thru Monday), Thanksgiving (Wednesday thru Sunday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Pet Sitting Hours

Pet sitting hours are approximately from 6 am to 8:30 pm.  An after-hours fee will apply to visits requested before or after these hours. Weather and road conditions may affect these hours and are subject to change without notice.

Visit Priority

I will do my best to accommodate time requests, please understand some pets have more urgent needs than others. When I schedule my visits, pets needing timely medications and dogs requiring potty breaks are given priority. All other animals will be scheduled to follow. Dogs will be visited a minimum of twice a day per each full day you are away and cats at least once per each full day you are away.


Dogs:  All dogs must have record of up to date rabies and parvo vaccines or titer testing proving antibodies in accordance with Washoe County city ordinance.

Within congested areas of Washoe County, all dogs over the age of four months are required to be vaccinated for rabies and licensed with Washoe County Regional Animal Services (W.C.C. 55.340, W.C.C. 55.350)

Cats: All cats including indoor-only cats, must be up to date on their rabies vaccine.

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